Taking the pain out of claiming

Our exclusive service provides protection for many jockeys and has paid out on several occasions following accidents. Our policy works in addition to PRIS and provides cover for your regular financial outgoings. Unlike PRIS, though, our policy is not linked to the number of rides that you have in a season.

We are committed to making sure that our policy pays out quickly for genuine injuries, whilst remaining the best value in the market. In support of this, should you need to make a claim we will give you a specialist adviser who will help you through the claims process, explaining everything as it goes along.

Based on our experience, we have built a checklist of things that will help make the application and claims processes more straightforward.


The policy will pay out up to 90% of your personal income as declared to HMRC after tax, National insurance and other deductionsYour accountant will be able to give you this information.

It will pay out for your regular outgoings as declared in your application. If you take on a new regular commitment (such as school fees) after taking out the policy, remember to tell us about it!

Making a Claim

If you get injured, the insurance company will pay out when they have seen the following from you:

It is worth building a folder (paper or electronic) with this information in it so that it is to hand should you need it. Remember that your Allsportsvi adviser will be there as your first call for any questions.