alan navarro

Alan Navarro – Former Professional Footballer

Despite a couple of bad injuries when I was a young footballer, I never felt the need to have career ending insurance or any type of protection insurance at all. Like most people, ‘it wouldn’t happen to me’ and while I was fit and healthy paying the premium for this type of insurance did not seem worthwhile.

In March 2013 while I was playing for Brighton and Hove Albion, I was introduced to allsportsvi who, in a very simple way, explained to me how important it was to protect everything I had worked so hard to get during my career. I had a wife and two young children, a mortgage a nice car and they asked me how I would maintain my lifestyle if my career suddenly came to an end through injury or illness? Never mind maintain my lifestyle, would I be able to cover the everyday bills? The answer at that time was “no”.

Almost immediately, I took out a family protection package with allsportsvi which included career ending cover as well as life and critical illness cover.

In July 2013 I moved to Swindon Town and after only a few months at my new club I got a serious knee injury. At the time I had no idea how serious, but, after 12 months and several operations it was clear that my career was over and I would no longer be able to earn a living playing as a professional footballer.

Fortunately, I had the allsportsvi policy to provide for me and those I cared about most. I really don’t know what I would have done had I not been covered. I was and remain grateful that I had the conversation and acted upon the advice of allsportsvi and urge all professional sportsmen to do the same.

I am now working with allsportsvi to help raise awareness amongst professional footballers about the importance of protecting their futures should injury or illness strike. It can happen suddenly and when you least expect it; I know because it happened to me!